T Stands for Toyaab, My name is Toheeb Temitope, also known as Toyaab. I am the founder of Toyaab.

I am the CEO at Awakesure Digital Concepts, A digital oriented company.

I started this journey as a passion, I love to design stuffs, I could remember Wapka then, I built and designed almost five websites on Wapka. I later known about Blogger (Google’s blogging platform: blogspot), then I switched to it.

But, the problem was that, Blogger didn’t give me the amount of flexibility I experienced when I was using Wapka, so I left Blogspot.

I researched and I encountered WordPress.com, I used it to create two websites but I didn’t see how to tweak and code something out by myself, so I left it.

When I first heard about WordPress.org, I initially thought they were the same but I later found that they were not. So I started using WordPress since then till today. I created many WordPress websites for myself and for some clients before I later restructured all my websites and sticked to only Toyaab.

I love to tell my story so that people know how it was started.

I am going to add more contents soon.